Training & Consultancy Services


Equality & Diversity

DiverseCT’s approach to Equality & Diversity Training is interactive, inclusive and thought provoking as well as being loads of fun.  Our courses are designed for your organisation by incorporating your policies and procedures and bringing them to life with real life examples.

Public Speaking

The fear of Public Speaking is regarded as second only to our fear of drowning! Our Expert Speakers Programme can be delivered on a one to one support basis or as a traditional Training course.
Our one to one sessions focus on strengthening your weaknesses, increasing your confidence, teaching you to deliver without notes, connect to the audience and much much more.


Unconsious Bias

This is a great course to help us understand how we come to make the decisions in our lives, both professional and personal. The focus of this training is to help us understand how we view difference and diversity and how that impacts our actions, both consciously and unconsciously.
Let DiverseCT take you on a journey of your unconscious mind!

Time Management

Time is precious to all of us. We can’t get back the time we’ve lost but we can certainly make the best use of the time we have left.  A great course to help you identify more efficient ways of working and planning to achieve your goals.


Leadership & Management

The Effective Levels of Leadership will help you identify where you are in your journey of Leading a Team, Organisation….. Only when we have clarity of where we are, can we then move to the next level. Our course will not only give you that clarity but also the specific steps to take to move up the Leadership ladder.

Effective Networking

Are you making the best use of your time? Are you saying the right things that will bring business your way? Learn how to network effectively and grow your business.